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Rasul Rza (Azeri Rəsul Rza; the real name Rasul Ibrahim oghlu Rzayev, Azeri Rəsul Ibrahim oglu Rzayev) — Azerbaijani poet, national poet of Azerbaijan (1960), Hero of Socialist Labor (1980), Laureate of Stalin Prize of the 3-rd grade (1951). The member of UKP(b) from 1939.

He headed the Azerbaijan Writers Union, was the Minister of the Azerbaijan Cinematography, the Chief Editor of the Azerbaijan Encyclopaedia, headed the range of other social and creative organizations. He was repeatedly elected as a deputy of the Azerbaijan Supreme Soviet.


Rasul Ibrahim oghlu Rzayev was born in 1910 in the town of Goychai. He came from the Mamedkhanli’s race, which was connected with the name of Mamed Mamedyar from the tribe of bayat teypa shahsevan, who was the landlord and the owner of several villages and country seats. Rasul Rza got the secondary education at the region school. He graduated from Cinematography Institute in Moscow.

Rasul Rza began publishing his works from 1927. His first poems were published in newspapers and magazines («The Young Worker», «Hujum», «Revolution and Culture», etc.) Rasul Rza’s poems are issued as separate editions: «Chapay» (1932), «Pioneer’s Letter» (1934), «The Wings» (1935); the poems collection, translated into the Russian language, went out into the world edited by the Goslitizdat (SLPH - State Literature Publishing House)

In the late 1920—1930-th he wrote about the International struggle against fascism and colonialism. In the early 30-th of the XX century he wrote the anti-fascist poems «The Women», «Chinar», «Germany», «Madrid», «Ingalayso», accorded wide recognition of readers. He got responsive on the Soviet-Germany war of 1941- 45 years by the books of poems and stories: «Immortal Heroes», «Rage and Love». He devoted the poem “ Neomenia” and some other poems to the brothers from South Azerbaijan. From the 50-th years philosophic grounds prevailed in Rasul Rza’s creative palette. In 1961 Rasul Rza devoted his poem “People’s Doctor” to Nariman Narimanov.

In the 70-th he wrote the poem «Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow», «1418», «Towards the Wind». Rasul Rza is the author of narrations and poems for children, a variety of research articles and op-ed pieces and essays. He translated into Azerbaijani the works by G.Logfelle, D.Bairon, Lope de Vehga, ShandorPaterfy , Pol Eluar, Aleksandr Pushkin, M.Lermontov, Nikolay Nekrasov, Taras Shevchenko, Aleksandr Block, Vladimir Mayakovsky and so many other poets. The works by Rasul Rza are translated into very many foreign languages. The Writers Union Chairman of the Azerbaijan SSR (1938—1939).

He participated in the Great Patriotic War of 1941- 45 years as a correspondent.

He died on April, 1, 1981 in Baku.

The spouse of Rasul Rza is the potess Nigar Rafibeyli, National poetess of Azerbaijan. Their son — Anar, 1938 , the well-known writer, playwright, scenarist and movie director, chairman of the Writers Union of Azerbaijan.

One of Baku streets is named after Rasul Rza.





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