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Nigar Khudadat gizi Rafibeyli (in azeri, Nigar Xudadat qızı Rəfibəyli; July 23, 1913, Elizavetpol (now Ganja) - July 9, 1981, Baku) - Azerbaijan poetess, the spouse of the poet Rasul Rza and mother of the writer Anar.

Nigar Rafibeyli was born in the family of the surgeon Khudadat Rafibeyli, who held the position of a governor of the Ganja province in the years of pre-soviet independence of Azerbaijan (1918-1920). He happened to be among so many Azerbaijan political men who were executed by bolshevists in June, 1920 on the island Nargen.

Having left the secondary school in Ganja, Nigar Rafibeyli entered Baku Pedagogic Technical School. In 1928 her first poem "Chadra" was published in the journal "Dan Ulduzu". In 1931 she worked as a translator in the department of fiction at the Publishing House "Azerneshr", and then she continued studying at Moscow Pedagogic Institute. Meanwhile, her first collection of poems was published in Baku (1934).

On coming back from Moscow, Nigar Rafibeyli worked as an editor of the fiction department at the Publishing House "Ushagneshr". From 1940 to the end of the life Nigar Rafibeyli wrote poems and translated works of poets and writers of the USSR peoples into the Azerbaijani language. She was awarded with the Prize "Glory" for the creative merits.

One of the central streets of Baku was named after Nigar Rafibeyli.





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